Dear visitors,

Eria resort is the first hotel in Greece, that has been designed to offer the most pleasant and comfortable holidays to people with accessibility needs, their families and their escorts.

Grigóris Archontákis is the owner and the person who had the inspiration to create ERIA RESORT.

He studied pharmacy in the University of Bari, Italy. After he had completed his degree, he undertook his father’s pharmacy which he turned into a modern and successful business in Hania. He has also participated in alternative therapy seminars and has therefore become the first pharmacist in Crete to professionally practice homeopathy and horticulture therapy.

At the same time, he established Medical Shops, a chain of stores selling medical, paramedical and orthopaedic products and equipment. His daily contact with disabled people and their needs has led him to create Eria Resort, the only hotel in Greece that addresses the special needs of such people by providing them all necessary conveniences to ensure an enjoyable vacation in Crete, such as but not limited to a specially equipped bus, a functional Hotel with a wide range of activities, comfortably adapted rooms and bathrooms, adapted equipment, excursions with accessibility, physiotherapy, gym, and athletic facilities.

Eria Resort is a model Hotel, exemplary in conception and function all over Greece and worldwide.

The source of inspiration for the Hotel’s beautiful name is little Eria, Mr. Archontakis’ daughter.

In search of a name that could express the comfort, the beauty and the warmth exuded by the Resort, it was the smile and liveliness of little Eria that gave us the answer.

The Hotel first opened in June 2004. Since then, it has operated successfully and has helped many travellers with accessibility needs to realise their dream of visiting Crete and Greece in general.
The manager and the staff of ERIA RESORT will always be at your disposal for any kind of service and information. Our aim is to offer you the comfort and the luxury you deserve in your much-awaited holidays.

It’s our pleasure to be always next to you, turning your stay into an unforgettable experience that you will look back on with joy and nostalgia for a lifetime.

The entire ERIA RESORT team wishes you a pleasant stay!

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